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Nov. 21 @ 7:00 PM
River Park Church

The fight to save Congo's most important national park

About the Film About Thierry Bodson

Nov 21 @ 9:20 PM
River Park Church

Clothing Traceability-Where do your clothes come from?

About the Film About Brad Clute about Dr. Bonanni

Just Eat It
Nov 22 @ 12:00 PM
River Park Church

Food Waste - How much food do you throw out?

About the Film about Marilyn Gunn

Web Junkie
Nov 22 @ 1:40 PM
River Park Church

Web Addiction - The internet is addictive

About the Film About Peter Churchill

Project Wild Thing
Nov 22 @ 3:25 PM
River Park Church

Kids Need Play - It is time to go outside!

About the Film About the Panel

La Violencia
Nov 22 @ 5:20 PM
River Park Church

The Untold Truths of Guatemala...Indigenous violence continues

About the Film About Paul Carrick

The Patent Wars
Nov 22 @ 7:00 PM
River Park Church

Patent law spiralling out of hand?

About the Film About the Director Special Director Talk 10am

Just To Let You Know That I'm Alive
Nov 22 @ 8:50 PM
River Park Church

The continuing plight of Western Sahara

About the Film About Marcello Di Cintio

Casablanca Calling
Nov 23 @ 12:00 PM
River Park Church

Female Muslim advisors are changing Morocco

About the Film About Rasha Roshdy

Nov 23 @ 1:40 PM
River Park Church

Refugee Resettlement - Who is the perfect refugee?

About the Film About Michael Casasola

No Land No Food No Life
Nov 23 @ 3:10 PM
River Park Church

Land Grabs - Stop land theft

About the Film About Jason Martens

Abu Haraz
Nov 23 @ 4:55 PM
River Park Church

Displacing People - My village is now underwater

About the Film No Conversation, see next film/speaker, Wendell Koning

Return of the River
Nov 23 2 @ 6:15 PM
River Park Church

Dam Removal - How do you remove a dam?

About the Film About Wendell Koning

The Human Experiment
Nov 23 @ 7:50 PM
River Park Church

The Effects of Chemicals - Chemicals are damaging our bodies

About the Film About Chantal Eves

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November 22-23, 2014

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John Dutton Theatre, Calgary Public Library- Downtown

(Nov 18-19)

616 Macleod Trail SE, Calgary [map]

Globe Theatre

(Nov 18-20)

617 8 Avenue SW, Calgary[map]

Leacock Theatre, Mount Royal University

(Nov 19)

4825 Mount Royal Gate SW, Calgary [map]

River Park Church Auditorium

(Nov 20-23)

3818 - 14A St. SW, Calgary [map]